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Who We Are

What we do: further operational excellence in energy delivery by providing resources that continually improve members' proficiency, efficiency, and safety. 

MEA serves the people that deliver electricity and natural gas to homes and business. MEA (Midwest ENERGY Association) was founded as a trade association over 100 years ago by distribution utilities, whose vision was to improve safety and efficiency. Today, utility companies around the globe benefit from MEA's industry learning seminars, operations summits, and other events. Members collaborated to develop EnergyU, the world's premier online training and testing system for gas and electric distribution utilities.


Strategic Goals

Leadership Development:
MEA is updating and revising its online leadership offerings featuring course content from Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) and Skillsoft. The new HMM 11 version has assessments, mini course features, and more. A new curriculum focused on Customer Service skills selected and reviewed by MEA’s Customer Relations Committee has just been released. The Professional Development Certificate (PDC) program has 20 enrolled personnel and is moving ahead.

Partners in Education:
Members and staff have developed gas worker, electric worker, and energy technician curriculums focused on aiding in the development of the next generation of energy delivery workers. These curriculums can be utilized by technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, and training departments to train and assess personnel on skills needed for positions in the energy delivery industry.

Regional Meetings:
Members have said they want more opportunities to connect and discuss current and emerging issues in the energy delivery industry would be a good thing. We have heard you and continue to hear from you. The association has responded with a series of regional meetings on Electric Overhead, Safety, Emergency Response (Gas), Emergency Response, and Storm Restoration (Electric). Members and staff will continue to connect with each other to discuss emerging issues at these regional meetings.

Regulatory Compliance:
Operating personnel have asked for easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret regulatory and compliance information on a timely basis. They want the who, what, when, where, and how does this affect me in a clear, easy to understand format. MEA staff is researching several information service providers, on how to provide this service via the MEA homepage. Our members also want to focus some of our regional meetings on this very important topic.

Safety is a priority for all the member companies. Again, members and staff are working on sharing the innovative best practices that help improve safety. The focus is of this theme is to create more sharing of safety programs and processes via regional meetings, webinars, and MEA’s knowledge management system. If you need safety information, ideas, and programs, MEA can help.


MEA is a consortium of energy delivery industry organizations that connect their electric and gas employees, corporate services and management personnel to pursue operational excellence, enhancing customer and employee safety, productivity, and positive customer relations. We accomplish this by:

  1. Pooling expertise and dollars to create unique, high-value services such as:  400+ training courses, recordkeeping tools, public safety programs, workforce recruitment and development initiatives.
  2. Providing a forum for expressing ideas, sharing information, and developing solutions to identified problems.  Our website, midwestenergy.org, offers a wide variety of connection and information opportunities.
  3. Conducting major operating summits, training seminars and classes for electric and gas employees, corporate services and management.
  4. Creating blended learning training and certification services.  These are available on the Internet at energyu.org, or your company intranet, or may be deployed by instructors in the classroom.  Materials include: Comprehensive and engaging training material, knowledge tests, hands-on evaluations where needed and learner management and recordkeeping systems.
  5. Developing compliance tools to meet OSHA, EPA, OQ and emerging electric worker qualification requirements.


Since 1905 the Midwest ENERGY Association has linked energy delivery companies, pipeline companies, producers, marketers and suppliers who share the unique market, weather and geographic challenges of the Midwest.

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